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                      About Us -


                                      On May 12, 1994 twenty-two women signed our Charter document. Nancye P. volunteered to be

                                 the first president. Monica I. volunteered her shop, Basket-N-the-Works near Old Town Spring,

                                 to have our meetings. Another Charter Member, Elizabeth M., provided our cause. Elizabeth was an

                                 advocate for abused women, so she had Montgomery County Women’s shelter advocates come and
                                 speak to the guild. The BBWG has supported the shelter ever since with collections of toiletry items

                                 and buying Christmas presents for abused mothers and their children. This December we will have

                                 helped 20 families enjoy the Christmas season a little more.


     At the initial meeting the only guidelines set in place were the annual dues. The guild started with small classes taught by our members. The array of patterns taught over the years are collected in our pattern book, which is quite impressive!


     In August 2012 we moved our meetings from Monica's shop to Spring Baptist Church which gives us a bigger meeting area

and excellent counter space for our potluck snacks/dinners. Three of our current members were also Charter Members:

Mary C., Monica I., and Isabel P.


     We also bring our basket collections to show during our meetings and we've had a supply swap and ugly basket contest,

too. Our members enjoy making varied projects with a wide range of mediums, such as reed, yarn, paper, ribbon, maps,

wire, and wood. Quite a few of our members also belong to the National Basketry Organization and the Texas Basket

Weavers Association and we volunteer to demonstrate basketry at various events around Texas. Many of our members

are also charter members of the Texas Basket Weavers Association and are active volunteers in the state organization.


Visit our Meetings & Events page for more information and a listing or our next meeting dates.

We would love to have you visit one of our meetings and consider joining us!


A field of Bluebonnet flowers and Indian Paintbrush flowers growing among them.

Membership Information and Requirements:


     We invite you to join the Bluebonnet Basket Weavers Guild. Our only requirement for membership is that you

have woven at least two baskets and you pay the $15 yearly dues. Membership is voluntary, inexpensive, and a great way to support the art of basket weaving, our community involvement, and a superb way to meet and build friendships with fellow weavers. We have members who have been weaving ten plus years and members that are new to weaving in the last two years.  We all learn things each time, whether a tip from an experienced weaver, helpful hints on a specific basket, or ideas for customization. We are eager to help each other grow and learn more about the craft!


     Members receive electronic copies of patterns for baskets taught at the guild meetings, and access to our pattern book, (which is a library of past guild patterns), voting rights, and eligibility to hold a guild officer position.  Minutes from each business meeting as well as a membership listing are available to all members. The membership year runs February 1 to January 31 and the the $15 dues are not pro-rated.


     Don't know yet if you want to be a member? Come try us out at one of the meetings! If you decide to join, you can join at the end of the meeting or the beginning of the next one. Prospective members can contact us by filling out a request for information on the Contact Us page.


      Our meetings are at Spring Baptist Church 1027 Spring Cypress Road Spring, Texas 77373. The church is located on the right hand side of the road when driving east on Spring Cypress, just past Mission Road. If you reach Lexington Road, you have gone about 0.1 miles too far.


     Our usual meeting time is the 2nd Thursday of every month beginning at 4:30 p.m.  We take turns bringing snacks/meal to share during our meeting, and so the meetings begin with food, fellowship, a brief business meeting, then basket weaving time!  Part of the meeting we are all weaving from the monthly pattern.  At times, those leading the monthly basket instruction will do a bulk order for special handles or bases for an upcoming pattern. This saves everyone money on shipping costs and helps the project to look like the pattern. Some members pull the handles or bases from their own personal supply stash. When we do not have a special basket planned for the month, members bring their PHD’s. PHD means a Project Half Done. Definition: baskets at various stages of weaving and needing to be finished.  


      Come join us!


Our first logo from 1994 - Black & White drawing of a basket and bluebonnets.

Our first logo


Our new logo


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